Choose A Biopharmaceutical Refrigerator That Meets Your Requirements

As a leading laboratory equipment develop, Z-SC1 Corp. has nearly 20 years of experience developing high-performance Biomedical Refrigerators that meet versatile applications.

Our Medical Grade Biopharmaceutical Refrigerator offers temperature range control between 0 – 10ºC and ensures temperature uniformity with the heavy-duty air-cooled refrigeration system. The interior and exterior is coated with chemical and germ resistant powder that keeps the items inside safe and sanitized. The heat-treated pair glass prevents condensation and ice forming so you have a full view of the materials inside.

The VR series are high-performance pharmacy refrigerators that are engineered to meet different configurations including Blood Bank, Vaccine and Pharmaceutical. With temperature control between -2 and 10ºC, these laboratory refrigerators meet standards outlined by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These VR series are highly functional as they come in 1 and 2-door configurations, auto-stops and removable pull-out drawers.

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