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How ULT Freezers Protect Critical Samples In Biological Banks

Collecting and preserving biological samples for future examination and analysis is fundamental for pharmaceutical and biological research. Biospecimens stored in these biobanks include tissue (such as tumor tissue removed in surgery), blood, cells, buccal swabs, cerebral spinal fluid, enzymes, or DNA or RNA. These biological tissue repositories facilitate research progress as sources of data that […]

What You Need to Know About ULT Freezers: A Guide

Ultra low temperature (ULT) freezers are essential to any medical facility or lab environment. They play a crucial role in preserving temperature-sensitive biological samples. ULT freezers are used in biobanking and pharmaceutical laboratories to store protein, DNA, antibodies, small molecules, enzymes and other samples critical for biological research. They store thousands of dollars in products, […]

3 Best Practices For Maintaining An Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

Ultra-low temperature freezers typically operate within the -60°C–-86 ° C range. These are used in medical facilities to store biological samples like plasma, blood, enzymes, or organ tissues. As with any critical piece of lab equipment, lack of maintenance can lead to sub-optimal ULT freezer performance—this is detrimental to the samples stored in the freezer. […]

3 Benefits Of Biopharmaceutical Refrigerators In Medical Facilities

Vaccine, drug, tissue, serum, and other biological sample preservation requires biopharmaceutical refrigerators with precise temperature and humidity control. The Immunization Action Coalition organization has even prepared a checklist for safe vaccine storage and handling. Recently, an investigation found that 76% of all immunization providers stored vaccines at excessively hot or cold temperatures, rendering $800,000 worth of vaccines […]