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How Clinical Laboratories Can Benefit from Small, Portable Cooling Options

Large biomedical corporations can make do with larger, more energy-consuming freezers—but what about small-scale biomedical research labs or clinics? Where do you store your samples and drugs? And do you necessarily need a massive biobank when you can get a smaller, more portable one instead? Especially when portable cooling options have the following benefits. . […]

Compact Medical Grade Refrigerators: A Guide

Medical-grade refrigerators are indispensable in the world of modern medicine since they play a critical role in safekeeping biological samples, vaccines, medicines, and other medical supplies. Lab refrigerators come in a variety of sizes and styles, including built-in, countertop, and under the counter. Compact laboratory refrigerators are ideal for small and large facilities, including hospitals, […]

4 Preventive Maintenance Tips for Laboratory Refrigerators

Pharmaceutical-grade lab refrigerators in research centres and medical facilities store temperature-sensitive biological samples and vaccines. Failure to follow the best preventive maintenance practices of essential lab equipment can lead to sub-optimal performance, or worse, reduced potency and compromised the integrity of sample materials. Preventive maintenance of refrigeration devices allows you to detect failures proactively, optimize […]

An 4-Step Checklist to Safely Store Vaccines

Immunization is one of the biggest cost-effective public health interventions to date. WHO estimates that nearly 2 to 3 million deaths are prevented each year through immunizations against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis vaccine (DTP). What’s more, the estimated global demand for vaccines totalled 3.5 billion doses in 2018. And now, with the multibillion-dollar race for […]