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A Guide to Covid-19 Vaccines

The Covid-19 vaccines have been hailed as a remarkable medical feat as they were developed under ten months since the coronavirus pandemic began. Traditionally, vaccines have taken from around 10-15 years to be developed. The collaboration of governments, medical companies, and other interest groups has helped ensure that the Covid-19 vaccines roll out under record […]

3 Best ULT Freezers

When it comes to a large investment like a ULT freezer, it is important to acquire the best option. Different varieties are available on the market, all suitable for different operations and purposes. With more efforts being put toward the development of advanced refrigerants and better energy saving sealing methods,ULT freezers have become better than […]

An Introduction to ULT Freezers

Preservation of samples is the utmost responsibility of any laboratory or pharmaceutical facility, and thanks to advancements in science and technology, the unique invention of Ultra-Low Temperature or ULT freezers has become an excellent storage choice for lab samples and specimens. Statistics show that the Global Biomedical Refrigerators and Freezers Market expects to witness 4.2% […]

3 Things to Check If ULT Freezer Fails

While ULT freezers are rugged and reliable, and can go through wear and tear over time. With the excessive usage they’re put through, it isn’t uncommon for the ULT freezer’s compressor, door/gasket, or condenser to stop working properly. Luckily, they’re usually easy to diagnose and fix. Compressor Most often, the main culprit for a ULT […]

Why Portable ULT Freezers Are Ideal for Laboratories

Ultra-low temperature freezers, also known as ULT freezers operate at extremely low temperatures, designed to keep items preserved for longer periods of time. They are long-lasting installations that require minimal maintenance while offering good value for money. Here’s why all laboratories should invest in a ULT freezer: Sample Preservation Laboratories can face a huge amount […]

Introducing the New Twincore ECO -86⁰C Ultralow Temperature Freezer

If you’re looking to buy a top-tier and highly-advanced Ultralow and Ultrafast temperature freezer to meet industry requirements, Z-SC1 has just introduced the perfect ULT freezer—the TWINCORE ECO—with over 50 technological upgrades. Most ULT freezers are notorious for energy consumption, high-energy bills, and large carbon footprint—and this is what sets the Twincore Eco Technology ULT […]