ZSC1 products Work Better, are Designed Better, Built Better! We are behaviour definers.

Being in the scientific community for 20 years and working closely with R&D and Engineering to represent the voice of the customer in new product development we have understood that No Equipment can do the work of one extraordinary man.

Why Z-SC1 brand: The principles that build and maintain strong brands still hold true, but sometimes we forget that people are really at the center of it all.

Nowadays all laboratory equipment’s are exceptionally energy efficient, quiet running and reliable, that combine the highest reliability and superior performance with cost-effective operation and innovative features…we all are, we all say this!

We also know that every competitor outperform all competitors’ product for a specific reason, but this is always based on <available> competitive data and internal tests. We think that any brand that becomes fixated only with the data, and forgets that the numbers are people, will be excluded swiftly.

At the end of the day, as a researcher, scientist and customer what is your expectation?

You want things to work!

After all, ZSC1 like any brand evoke emotion and is personal;  just a human creation, invented in response to both your deepest and most practical

needs and expectations.

You’ve seen our products for decades.  You’ve seen them with different brands, different names, colors…They work. They exceed expectations.

We have a solid service network, reliable warranty and stock… and we are the Top most reputable brand for innovation

For us every interaction counts, and every individual matters.

In touch with our own humanity and the humanity of others.

Z-SC1 | Science and Beyond