What could be more reliable than having 2 freezers in 1?

For years, every time that Apple brought new technologies to the market, the majority did not believe that the ‘new’ thing could actually work as advertised. The competitors, in a desperate race not to challenge the status quo urged their customers not to try the unproven technology. Thanks to them for not listening.

Judge the reliability by studies, not by name.

In a world where everything quality checked and certified, meeting the standard is not actually a meaningful differential. It was during the certification era when there were certified and uncertified products. You would make a difference back then. Today’s race is to the top and driven by technology breakthrough, innovations, generosity and design.

Ask for studies, ask the community, ask your dealer, ask your service provider. User experience is a key factor.

Don’t buy by name. Buy what’s best.

ULT Technology: 6 Questions Answered
ULT Technology: 6 Questions Answered


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