ULT Technology: 6 Questions Answered

Considering purchasing a ULT Freezer? These are 6 questions answered by a company focused on ULT technology. Check the slides by scrolling down or feel free to download the PDF from here.  

Independently Minded: Inferences, Assumptions

Independently Minded: Inferences, Assumptions Working either in Biorepositories, Pharma or Research labs, whatever your field of application may be, I can imagine that You’ve seen all sorts of interesting and unexpected “samples losses”... and heard all sorts of interesting excuses from manufacturers. I also can easily understand your anxiety and all the symptoms that may affect You, such as panic attack (include sweating), chest pain, palpitations (unusually strong or irregular heartbeats), and a feeling of choking… all these seriously interfering with your performances & daily tasks. For decades Scientists have relied on their cold-storage equipment to maintain the integrity and quality of samples… and they rely on manufacturer’s ability to protect them and their samples… For instance, the pharmaceutical industry has adopted REDUNDANT SYSTEMS for the cryo-conservation, a decade ago… but they still buy non Dual cooling Upright freezers??: PARADOX OF OUR SOCIETY OR THE INDUSTRY?  Let me explain:  For ultralow (-80C°) temperature storage, what we have heard in the last DECADE is that SAFETY matters above and beyond all else. We all know that failure of a cold-storage unit compromises samples. As a matter of fact in this industry ALL manufacturers hear from users “By far our biggest concern is sample safety, and by far the most common safety concern for ultralow freezers is compressor failure.” To truly understand our customers and their needs, we need to stop selling and start listening more. Talk to them & do something! In today’s world, it’s not easy to capture people’s attention when there’s so much content being created every day, all competing for the same eyeballs…. What have others done?? To answer this question, You first need to distinguish MARKETING vs. COMMUNICATION BASED STRATEGY: -Start by considering why a manufacturer has lowered their prices; Nuaire, Panasonic, Eppendorf, Thermo (before their TSX), Helmer or Haier did... and Ask yourself: is that because they will be launching a new value range because this is what the market wants or have they been forced to slash prices to try and boost dwindling sales? -Validate what can be called innovation: Patching old cascade system with some fancy new gases, modifying a condenser or improving insulation, may not be considered innovations? I've even seen one US manufacturer preaching sample security on white papers, without offering any ... - Then judge on what is left:  Oh Yeahhh! like drawing your attention to Energy savings… I agree 60$/ year makes a small difference, but when compared to 80,000$ average value of your freezer, that’s just sand thrown in your eyes! Yep...About Energy Saver ULTs: Remember that great idea you had? The idea for which you “could make millions”?.. Yes I’m talking about Piston engine systems or variable speed compressors!  They are of no value!  Innovation focuses on the process, utilizing tools like MIND or PROBLEM SOLVING.. in occurrence solving the sample security problem.    Whose manufacturer solved your problem?  NONE before Z-SC1! INNOVATORS are generally referred by the public as “crazy people who start a business.” We started in 1994! But honestly we innovated in 2012… that’s a long ride, and no pretensions, We did it solely on PASSION!  Innovation creates change, and this change can be outside the realm of entrepreneurship… in reality not dreamland, it took Z-SC1 almost 2 decades to create this truly revolutionary innovation: TWINCORE ULT. Sorry we should have been more bright!  A partial solution is still knowledge, even if it contains some mistakes, and can be improved on in the future. ... It's also important to be sensitive to problems… That’s what we've done, that’s what Z-SCI is ALL about!  Being unique means risking time, money, energy, and embarrassment. It means being willing to embrace ideas without the guarantee of success. Even if no one can force You to challenge yourself or the whole industry's conformity. In the end, it’s always a personal choice to engage or restrain... -be ­independent-minded in an industry of conformity and convention...  Jean Fallacara, CEO- Z-SC1 Corp. Follow Jean on LinkedIn. Follow Z-SC1 on LinkedIn. “Think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a fucking sharp knife to it.”  Banksy, Wall and Piece   

MINI: Doing work that matters

BioD + Z-SC1 MINI: DOING WORK THAT MATTERS NOVEL BIOLOGIC PRODUCTS DERIVED FROM THE PLACENTAL TISSUES This is the sort of  things that motivate us to continue with our innovation strategy. BioD is a company that is focused on making life better on earth. To properly achieve their mission, they need performing  equipment that they can rely on, right on the spot. We are proud to announce that BioD will supply with DF8503 TableTop / UnderCounter freezer, also known as MINI  to their clients for the storage of  the products they produce. Check out BioD’s work on development and commercialization of novel biologic products derived from the placental tissues. We would like to thank BSI for making this happen.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWINCORE It's been one year since its launch and over 1000 units sold. Innovation is a result. In this case, the result of listening to the needs of the costumers mixed with lots of hard work. We are still listening, so stay tuned for the amazing stuff we will be unveiling this year. Thanks for your support.  

Z-SC1 Announces New Division & Warehouse

Press Release: Z-SC1 Corp Announces Opening of Warehouse on west coast US. Z-SCI Biomedical LLC. New US division - Z-SC1 Announces New Division & Warehouse Montreal Canada, March 16, 2015 – Z-SC1 Corp, the world’s leading manufacturing of ULT Freezer that changed the world of Cryo-conservation with its TWINCORE technology, announced the opening of its new US based division Z-SCI BIOMEDICAL LLC and new warehouse on the west coast. Glenn Adams has been promoted to the newly created role of V.P General Manager for the US. These changes mark a significant shift in Z-SC1 Corp’s business operation and will be instrumental in the enhancement of its US distribution strategy to better serve its US partners & distributors. The new warehouse will provide guaranteed next-day shipping for Twincore ULTs to most of the west coast. The new warehouse will also result in reduced freight expenses for Z-SCI’s Western customers who until now been served by the distributor’s warehouses in Pennsylvania and from Canada. Z-SCI will also benefit from increased logistical and operational efficiencies such as reduced inbound freight expenses. “We changed the world with the Twincore freezer technology,” said Jean Fallacara, CEO “but now we have to insure that products are readily available coast to coast in the US.” “We plan on gradually ramping up our distribution activities out of our new California based office and warehouse and ultimately, we anticipate that a substantial portion of our U.S.-based orders will ship out of that location.”  


Challenges are fun. They encourage us to deliver. Living in a 'challenge-oriented' philosophy will lead to a culture of experimentation in which we are requested to present the results which will sometimes  lead to great ideas or bold failures. But then you get the chance to have a new challenge and experiment again, push your limits and in the end, grow. It doesn't matter if you win or loose a challenge. What matters is to deliver. When you learn to deliver without postponing you will understand that major achievements come from doing. Failing or winning will just show you what to do more and what to do less. We want to share a couple of challenges: 1. Maxim & Katia Mezentsev created this beautiful video of freezing  nature. Some challenges do not come from elsewhere but from our necessity of moving away from the status quo. These kind of challenges will help you build your identity, your character. We love this video because, like we do, it thrives with the fact of an object in the freezing process. It's worth the look, the video lasts less than one minute and it was selected as a 'Vimeo Staff Picked'. Frozen from kveten on Vimeo. 2. The second challenge was one that our CEO, Jean Fallacara, decided to take : 'RECOVERY TESTING from a 2min Door Opening'.  He was very pleased when he received the results from the engineering team. Please read the post he wrote about it here. Challenges make us grow and define ourselves. We will continue delivering nice challenges we stumble upon with. We hope you enjoy as much as we do.    

The ‘Cool’ Biotech Company in Canada

 Originality is a result, not a goal. What we actually do different from other companies is really simple: we listen. The products are the result of that simple exercise of paying attention to the users' feedback and really thinking how to make their experience more pleasant. This of course involves the scientific team which enters a creative process of their own. But not only them, but the whole company enters that creative process because their experience with clients and with the machines themselves nourish the engineering concepts. Then, the ball comes back from R&D to the Marketing department whose only task is to properly communicate the results. And then the whole process repeats at every level of the company. The other difference lays on the team. We are Z people. We fully understand a philosophy. This fact makes us independent and capable of solving issues without having to climb an endless bureaucratic  ladder. We are professionals at what we do and for that reason we are free, and free people are happy and that reflects on every inch of the company. Business Review Canada Magazine published and article on this month's issue entitled: Z-SC1 BIOMEDICAL - The 'cool' Biotech Company in Canada. This is a result. This is not only the way we feel, but how people look at us. We didn't plan it either, we just worked our way. We would like to thank Stephanie C. Ocano who wrote the article and Cedrick Adolphe who produced it. Un Gros Merci.


WiZBox creates the Ability to Predict ULT Freezer's Failure. The most advanced,  proactive, fault management system is finally here. And it's included for free with every Twincore. Think about how many samples have been lost in the recent history of science (Harvard Brain) because of the lack of ability to predict failure before it happens. Getting samples sometimes is not an easy task, but they can be lost when changes of temperature occur without notice. To right this wrong, we present (or developed) the Twincore and its Proactive maintenance device WizBox: The safest ult in the market, capable of maintaining -82 even when one of its 2 compressors fail. But we didn't stop there. We designed, and of course included, the most advanced monitoring system for the TwinCore. We are able to watch its behavior 24/7 and prevent any malfunction. ULT MONITORING SYSTEM: The most advanced yet! This system includes an app that lets you monitor your freezer's behavior from the palm of your hand. And not only that, this app features settings control and alarm history to name a few. We came out with a video. Please check it out here. For more information on the WizBox, click here.

Performance meets energy efficiency

It's often believed that performance and energy efficiency are issues that should be balanced in order to achieve a specific result. More and more, in recent years this issue has been addressed to with a different perspective and as a result we see technology break throughs like the BMW i8 sports car: "...the first sports car with the consumption and emission values of a compact car…". We believe the 'new way' of approaching it, instead of suggesting the balance between the two factors, pushes them independently. Performance meets energy efficiency. Unbalanced: Push one to its limits, then push the other. Observe. Repeat. We would like to share an article written by our CEO in which he explains 'our way' and states that with our new technology you don't have to choose between one another. You can have both. Performance meets energy efficiency: they dance, we host. Read the article here.  

Safest Ultra Low Temperature Freezer: New site

Designing and building the safest ultra low temperature freezer was not an easy task. But we did it by taking into consideration relevant 'hands-on' experts' opinions. We ended up creating an actual solution for an actual problem: specimens like precious DNA samples can't be lost because of technical failure. Therefore, we built an easy to use machine with an amazing interface that will let you manager your inventory without even opening the door. This piece of equipment won't fail, because even if it fails your samples will remain protected. Yes, you heard it right: in our safest ultra low temperature freezer, the Twincore, if one compressor fails, the other one is capable of maintaining -82 degrees C by itself indefinitely. We are happy to announce the creation and launch of the new dedicated space for our beloved Twincore, the safest ultra low temperature freezer yet. There's so much to say about it  from any angle that every researcher or  lab owner will find amazing and unique features. For this reason we created its own web space. In it you will find its features and links to more specific topics and technical sheets download. If you feel that something is missing we would appreciate that you let us know so we can improve. Please feel free to send a line if you have any question. We will reply shortly. You can access it from our website or following this link. If you want to share it with somebody but don't have the link at hand, simply tell them to click on safestult.com and they will be redirected. Keep it cool! Z.    

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