Listed in the Top 300 SME's in Quebec We did it again! The business journal 'Les Affaires' listed Z-SC1 BIOMEDICAL as one of the 300 most important SME's in the province of Quebec.   You can check the full  list here. Thanks to all for your continued support. We will keep it up. Promised. Z.

Good Intentions for Black Friday

It is definitely a paradox to have on the same weekend the Thanksgiving and the Black Friday celebrations. Actually, it goes all the way to ‘Cyber-Monday’. On the first, you are invited to be grateful for what you have. On the others you are encouraged to ‘get’ stuff. This paradox exists because we accept it. And there is nothing wrong if you decide to embrace both initiatives. We believe what makes the difference is the state of mind you are in when you decide to be grateful or when you decide to shop. First of all, we would like to say THANK YOU to all our customers, suppliers, partners, employees, friends and the whole community because we do what we do because of you. We cannot thank enough. For the Black Friday situation, we will be sharing interesting articles that talk about consumerism, consciousness and gratefulness. For those thinking about buying from us, we will offer Free Shipping on all orders today. We hope you enjoy this weekend. Have Fun! Z.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWINCORE It's been one year since its launch and over 1000 units sold. Innovation is a result. In this case, the result of listening to the needs of the costumers mixed with lots of hard work. We are still listening, so stay tuned for the amazing stuff we will be unveiling this year. Thanks for your support.  

The ‘Cool’ Biotech Company in Canada

 Originality is a result, not a goal. What we actually do different from other companies is really simple: we listen. The products are the result of that simple exercise of paying attention to the users' feedback and really thinking how to make their experience more pleasant. This of course involves the scientific team which enters a creative process of their own. But not only them, but the whole company enters that creative process because their experience with clients and with the machines themselves nourish the engineering concepts. Then, the ball comes back from R&D to the Marketing department whose only task is to properly communicate the results. And then the whole process repeats at every level of the company. The other difference lays on the team. We are Z people. We fully understand a philosophy. This fact makes us independent and capable of solving issues without having to climb an endless bureaucratic  ladder. We are professionals at what we do and for that reason we are free, and free people are happy and that reflects on every inch of the company. Business Review Canada Magazine published and article on this month's issue entitled: Z-SC1 BIOMEDICAL - The 'cool' Biotech Company in Canada. This is a result. This is not only the way we feel, but how people look at us. We didn't plan it either, we just worked our way. We would like to thank Stephanie C. Ocano who wrote the article and Cedrick Adolphe who produced it. Un Gros Merci.


For many people in the west, a cycle is closing today. Other cultures closed it earlier and some will do in the future. The fact is that we all live within cycles and when they’re coming to an end, a feeling of gratitude and hope arises almost inevitably. On our side, we don’t feel like the cycle is closing yet. We still have surprises coming and when they are revealed we’ll jump into the new dimension of design and progress thinking. We have righted some wrongs already, but ‘amazing’ is yet to come. We’re not kidding, amazing isn’t just a nice word to use, it is the perfect adjective to describe it. We are pushing the industry’s limits once again. For now, we can only say thank you for all your support and wish you an amazing new cycle, if you’re starting a new one tomorrow.  

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