This is how we spooked a Giant

This is a teaser of the article written by our CEO Jean Fallacara originally posted on LinkedIn. READ MORE. Don’t let a Giant spook you! How to spook back! This is how we spooked a Giant: What the industry won’t tell you about business strategy, reactivity and the capacity to evolve quickly.  The story you are about to read is true; only the names have been changed to protect the innocent, and preserve us for any misuse of copywriting. Our story starts in September 2014 with the launch of the Twincore ULT freezer in the US. When started to gain a lot of attention, especially from one of the major equipment distributors (we will call it LABOREP after coming to distribution agreement with them on May 2015. Trainings, setup, meetings… the whole enchilada.  Until… READ the whole story here.   Follow Jean on LinkedIn here. Follow Z-SC1 on LinkedIn here.

Good Intentions for Black Friday

It is definitely a paradox to have on the same weekend the Thanksgiving and the Black Friday celebrations. Actually, it goes all the way to ‘Cyber-Monday’. On the first, you are invited to be grateful for what you have. On the others you are encouraged to ‘get’ stuff. This paradox exists because we accept it. And there is nothing wrong if you decide to embrace both initiatives. We believe what makes the difference is the state of mind you are in when you decide to be grateful or when you decide to shop. First of all, we would like to say THANK YOU to all our customers, suppliers, partners, employees, friends and the whole community because we do what we do because of you. We cannot thank enough. For the Black Friday situation, we will be sharing interesting articles that talk about consumerism, consciousness and gratefulness. For those thinking about buying from us, we will offer Free Shipping on all orders today. We hope you enjoy this weekend. Have Fun! Z.

Z-SC1 Announces New Division & Warehouse

Press Release: Z-SC1 Corp Announces Opening of Warehouse on west coast US. Z-SCI Biomedical LLC. New US division - Z-SC1 Announces New Division & Warehouse Montreal Canada, March 16, 2015 – Z-SC1 Corp, the world’s leading manufacturing of ULT Freezer that changed the world of Cryo-conservation with its TWINCORE technology, announced the opening of its new US based division Z-SCI BIOMEDICAL LLC and new warehouse on the west coast. Glenn Adams has been promoted to the newly created role of V.P General Manager for the US. These changes mark a significant shift in Z-SC1 Corp’s business operation and will be instrumental in the enhancement of its US distribution strategy to better serve its US partners & distributors. The new warehouse will provide guaranteed next-day shipping for Twincore ULTs to most of the west coast. The new warehouse will also result in reduced freight expenses for Z-SCI’s Western customers who until now been served by the distributor’s warehouses in Pennsylvania and from Canada. Z-SCI will also benefit from increased logistical and operational efficiencies such as reduced inbound freight expenses. “We changed the world with the Twincore freezer technology,” said Jean Fallacara, CEO “but now we have to insure that products are readily available coast to coast in the US.” “We plan on gradually ramping up our distribution activities out of our new California based office and warehouse and ultimately, we anticipate that a substantial portion of our U.S.-based orders will ship out of that location.”  

The ‘Cool’ Biotech Company in Canada

 Originality is a result, not a goal. What we actually do different from other companies is really simple: we listen. The products are the result of that simple exercise of paying attention to the users' feedback and really thinking how to make their experience more pleasant. This of course involves the scientific team which enters a creative process of their own. But not only them, but the whole company enters that creative process because their experience with clients and with the machines themselves nourish the engineering concepts. Then, the ball comes back from R&D to the Marketing department whose only task is to properly communicate the results. And then the whole process repeats at every level of the company. The other difference lays on the team. We are Z people. We fully understand a philosophy. This fact makes us independent and capable of solving issues without having to climb an endless bureaucratic  ladder. We are professionals at what we do and for that reason we are free, and free people are happy and that reflects on every inch of the company. Business Review Canada Magazine published and article on this month's issue entitled: Z-SC1 BIOMEDICAL - The 'cool' Biotech Company in Canada. This is a result. This is not only the way we feel, but how people look at us. We didn't plan it either, we just worked our way. We would like to thank Stephanie C. Ocano who wrote the article and Cedrick Adolphe who produced it. Un Gros Merci.

Safest Ultra Low Temperature Freezer: New site

Designing and building the safest ultra low temperature freezer was not an easy task. But we did it by taking into consideration relevant 'hands-on' experts' opinions. We ended up creating an actual solution for an actual problem: specimens like precious DNA samples can't be lost because of technical failure. Therefore, we built an easy to use machine with an amazing interface that will let you manager your inventory without even opening the door. This piece of equipment won't fail, because even if it fails your samples will remain protected. Yes, you heard it right: in our safest ultra low temperature freezer, the Twincore, if one compressor fails, the other one is capable of maintaining -82 degrees C by itself indefinitely. We are happy to announce the creation and launch of the new dedicated space for our beloved Twincore, the safest ultra low temperature freezer yet. There's so much to say about it  from any angle that every researcher or  lab owner will find amazing and unique features. For this reason we created its own web space. In it you will find its features and links to more specific topics and technical sheets download. If you feel that something is missing we would appreciate that you let us know so we can improve. Please feel free to send a line if you have any question. We will reply shortly. You can access it from our website or following this link. If you want to share it with somebody but don't have the link at hand, simply tell them to click on safestult.com and they will be redirected. Keep it cool! Z.    

New Technology v.s. Dinosaurian Technology

Originally posted by Z-SC1's CEO Jean Fallacara here. Jean is always open to discussion. Connect with him on Linked In here. Today, we have revolutionized our world with amazing technologies. We have reshaped the technology of the past's to make better products, offer more security and give peace of mind. The Stone Age is a broad prehistoric period during which stone was widely used to make implements with a sharp edge, at Z-SC1 we believe that cascade refrigeration systems is also a dinosaurian technology that some manufacturers just try to keep alive (or even reanimate) for obvious financial reason. Matter of fact, the cascade refrigeration technology poorly failed to offer security, and generated billions $ of losses over the last decades. Protection of valuable and oftentimes irreplaceable biospecimens is a critical factor for ensuring valid and reproducible pre-clinical drug development results. Too much damage to important specimens caused by malfunctioning equipment, too much continued vigilance to proper biological specimen storage is required. Due to the obvious divide set between cascade refrigeration and Dual Cooling single compressors, sometimes both generations are forced to meet which commonly results in conflicting ideologies of digital technology. The everyday regime of work life in Science is becoming more technologically advanced with improved computers in offices, more complicated machinery in industry etc. With technology moving so fast it is hard for some manufacturer to keep up. In fact, some things seem so strange to us that we immediately put them out of our minds as being completely wrong.... What the Scientific community think about this, how do you feel about Do you really believe that being Extremely paranoid about your samples inside ULT freezers shall be a justifiable reason You spreads samples across multiple freezers, as a hedge in case of failure.... I don't! ... in all these Research labs, biorepositories, Biobanks... What are You exactly expecting from US and from ALL manufacturers of ULT Freezers?. Definitely Not a sales speech... Only facts, and a simple thing: PEACE OF MINDfor the storage of their high-value samples!

TWINCORE ULT: Safest Ultra Low Temperature Freezer yet.

This is a 'one-pager' ad published in a magazine during August. We received various comments regarding the way we presented the information. It features the Pull-Up and Pull Down times as well as an energy efficiency graphics. TWINCORE ULT: Safest Ultra Low Temperature Freezer yet. Check the Twincore's page here. Here it is for you to enjoy.

FROZEN: U.S. & CANADA – New Ultra Low Freezer Technology.

Z-SC1 invests $1.2M for the launch of its ULT Twincore Freezer.

Z-SC1 invests $1.2M for the launch of its revolutionary Twincore ULT Freezer in the US and Canada Market. Z-SC1 Corp announces today that it has secured new funding totaling $1.2M. The funding has been provided by a consortium of Share Holders, Investissement Québec & the bank Desjardins Affaires with insurance support from Export Development Canada. This new capital will be used by Z-SC1 in Marketing & Sales support to launch its revolutionary TWINCORE -86ºC ULT Freezer in North America. TwinCore© ultra-low freezers are designed for -86°C storage of high-value samples. Revolutionary Double Independent refrigeration systems offering unbeatable security and outstanding Integrity for your samples. TwinCore© Technology employs 2 optimized autocascade compressors. However it only requires one compressor to hold temperature up to -86. These ULT also have an advanced 7’’ LCD touch screen control panel, inventory management system and each unit is assigned an IP address for monitoring functions by the Z-Sc1 WIZBOX network. The TWINCORE can preserve integrity for research samples for almost 12H (world record) and has the fastest pull down in the industry, TwinCore ULT only requires about 3H to reach -82ºC. Z-SC1 Corp. is a Canadian-based international company with a successful record of developing laboratory equipment for the biomedical in North & South America. Z-SC1 is headquartered in Montreal, Canada with manufacturing bases in South-Korea   DESJARDINS AFFAIRES EXPORT DEVELOPMENT CANADA   INVESTISSEMENT QUEBEC

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