MINI: Doing work that matters

BioD + Z-SC1 MINI: DOING WORK THAT MATTERS NOVEL BIOLOGIC PRODUCTS DERIVED FROM THE PLACENTAL TISSUES This is the sort of  things that motivate us to continue with our innovation strategy. BioD is a company that is focused on making life better on earth. To properly achieve their mission, they need performing  equipment that they can rely on, right on the spot. We are proud to announce that BioD will supply with DF8503 TableTop / UnderCounter freezer, also known as MINI  to their clients for the storage of  the products they produce. Check out BioD’s work on development and commercialization of novel biologic products derived from the placental tissues. We would like to thank BSI for making this happen.

SMALL WORLD: Photography Through The Microscope.

Not many companies are successful when trying to blend the scientific and artistic worlds together. We believe arts in general give meaning to anyone's life. We also believe science should be a platform to make meaning. At Z-SC1 that's our reason to keep going. There is one company which we applaud for their continuous efforts to keep these two worlds blending: Nikon. One of our firsts posts in June 2014 presented amazing microscopic images and videos. The images were taking from that year's 'Small World Photomicrography Competition'. This is an international event held by Nikon since the year 1975. Since then, the competition has become a showcase for talented photomicrographers in diverse scientific disciplines. A photomicrograph is a technical document that can be of great significance to science or industry. But a good photomicrograph is also an image whose structure, color, composition, and content is an object of beauty, open to several levels of comprehension and appreciation. We want to share with you our favourite images from this year's contest. Among them, the 1st place which was awarded to Ralph Grimm from Queensland, Australia with his submission: Eye of a honey bee (Apis mellifera) covered in dandelion pollen (120x). We hope you enjoy! Z. Ralph Claus Grimm Jimboomba, Queensland, Australia Subject Matter: Eye of a honey bee (Apis mellifera) covered in dandelion pollen (120x) Ian Gardiner - 10th PlaceCalgary, Alberta, CanadaSubject Matter:Clam shrimp (Cyzicus mexicanus), live specimen (25x) Dr. Richard Kirby - 19th PlaceMarine Biological AssociationPlymouth, United KingdomSubject Matter:Planktonic larva of a horseshoe worm (phoronid) (450x) Rogelio Moreno - 11th PlacePanama, PanamaSubject Matter:Fern sorus at varying levels of maturity (20x) Dr. Reto Fiolka - Honorable MentionDepartment of Cell BiologyDallas, Texas, USASubject Matter:Mitochondria in a live HeLa cancer cell (63x) Dr. Igor Siwanowicz - 3rd PlaceHoward Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)Janelia Farm Research Campus, Leonardo LabAshburn, Virginia, USASubject Matter:Intake of a humped bladderwort (Utricularia gibba), a freshwater carnivorous plant (100x) Daniel H Miller and Ethan Sokol - 4th placeWhitehead Institute for Biomedical ResearchDepartment of BiologyCambridge, Massachusetts, USASubject Matter:Lab-grown human mammary gland organoid (100x) Henri Koskinen - 6th Place


Montreal, November 25, 2015   The Board of Directors of Z-SC1 Group (the Company) announce that Carmichael Engineering and all subsidiaries have lost their Authorisation/accreditation to service, repair, perform preventative maintenance or calibrate Vaccine Refrigerators on behalf of the Company.   And consequently, Carmichael (All Locations) is no longer an approved & authorized service provider for any companies within the Z-SCI group. Carmichael and its representatives or technicians will no longer be authorized to perform any service work, respond to service calls related to, or repair or calibrate products manufactured or sold by Z-SC1, this applies to all products but not limited to VACCINE REFRIGERATORS, FREEZERS, PHARMA FRIDGE, LYOPHILIZER and ULT FREEZERS The Authorization to service has been voided and this cancellation applies to any products manufactured or sold by companies operating under the Z-SCI Group.   Initial agreement between parties was dated August-08, 2008, but not limited to, for vaccines refrigerators supplied and delivered under the contract # OSS-076419  issued by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care .       Jean Fallacara, President-C.E.O.   Z-SC1 Corp. Top 300 Companies QC 2015 / Palmarès des 300 plus grandes PME au Québec 2015

Good Intentions for Black Friday

It is definitely a paradox to have on the same weekend the Thanksgiving and the Black Friday celebrations. Actually, it goes all the way to ‘Cyber-Monday’. On the first, you are invited to be grateful for what you have. On the others you are encouraged to ‘get’ stuff. This paradox exists because we accept it. And there is nothing wrong if you decide to embrace both initiatives. We believe what makes the difference is the state of mind you are in when you decide to be grateful or when you decide to shop. First of all, we would like to say THANK YOU to all our customers, suppliers, partners, employees, friends and the whole community because we do what we do because of you. We cannot thank enough. For the Black Friday situation, we will be sharing interesting articles that talk about consumerism, consciousness and gratefulness. For those thinking about buying from us, we will offer Free Shipping on all orders today. We hope you enjoy this weekend. Have Fun! Z.


OUR RACE IS TO THE TOP   According to Québec's business magazine Les Affaires (The Business), Z-SC1 is ranked #282 in the biggest SMB 2015 in Québec. Check out the list here. This is the result of listening to our clients and continuously delivering. WE PRODUCE THE SAFEST ULT YET AND WE WILL KEEP IT UP. We would like to thank all of our community: partners, suppliers, service providers, competitors and of course, our amazing customers. Big Thanks, and see you at the top. Z


VACCINE REFRIGERATOR VIDEO & RELEVANT NEWS The vaccination season is approaching for the northern hemisphere. To keep up, we came out with a video showcasing our vaccine fridges and we also wanted, in a way to 'time stamp' it, to share with you some interesting news about the industry. We hope you enjoy it. Z-SC1 VACCINE REFIGERATOR'S NEW VIDEO Preventing the Next Ebola Outbreak FDA approves new injectable drug to treat schizophrenia Sanofi Aims to Grow Productivity at French Plants with Longer Hours, Layoffs   VACCINE REFRIGERATOR: PEACE OF MIND BY Z-SC1 AGAIN. CONFIGURE AND QUOTE:    


SPANISH VERSION WILL FOLLOW | VERSION EN ESPAÑOL AL FINAL NEW SOUTH AMERICAN DISTRIBUTOR More, and more often we are exposed to successful ventures in the emerging Latin American economy. Not only well educated but with a very interesting and growing market, the countries in the south have been investing for some years now in their R&D departments at all levels: universities, private labs and governments. Thriving markets need thriving products: reliable and safe. Good news South America! IPC ASSOCIATES will be distributing Z-SC1 products in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. This company specializes in Supply Chain, Cold Chain and Goods Practices and it's ready  to supply  the Z products, including Biosafety Cabinets and our ULT SERIES, including the Twincore, which is the Safest ULT yet. We are very happy to start this new venture together. --- NUEVOS DISTRIBUIDORES PARA SURAMERICA Cada vez mas vemos en las noticias historias de éxito de empresas nuevas en la emergente economía latinoamericana. Profesionales bien educados, de la mano de un mercado interesante y creciente hace que los países del sur hayan invertido en los últimos años en sus departamentos de investigación y desarrollo en instituciones como universidades, laboratorios privados y laboratorios gubernamentales. Los mercados prósperos necesitan productos que les den la talla: seguros y confiables. Buenas Nuevas! IPC ASSOCIATES estará distribuyendo los productos de Z-SC1 en Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador y Perú. Esta compañía se especializa en Cadenas de Frío, Cadenas de Suministro y Buenas Prácticas y está lista para proveer los productos entre los cuales están las Cabinas de Bioseguridad y los congeladores Ultra Fríos, incluyendo el TWINCORE, que es el mas seguro en el mercado hasta este momento. Estamos muy felices de empezar juntos esta nueva etapa.      


GROWING UP… BY THE HAND OF THE EXPERTS. It is always a good idea to grow up by the hand of the experts. HOLA! BIENVENIDOS A PUERTO RICO! We would like to welcome MIDSCI, our new distributor in the US and Puerto Rico, to the Z-Family. This company has been around for more than 30 years. They have grown  to be a prominent name in research supplies, reagents, and equipment thanks to the trust and satisfaction of their customers. We will be growing together in the US market and opening a new one for us: Puerto Rico. The boricuas will thrive with our products now sold and serviced in the beautiful island. Science and Beyond!  


THE 'SAVE THE SAMPLES' PLAN 1. BUILD THE SAFEST FREEZER EQUIPMENT IN THE MARKET 2. SPREAD THE WORD 3. GROW OUR 'TOP' DISTRIBUTION NETWORK We already checked the first two points. Our machines are as reliable as the winter in Canada and they're so good that the word has been spreading out of every laboratory, institution, hospital and repositories who have tried our gear. Now, we are very happy to announce that one of our favorite American distributors agreed to carry our products and will be joining this fine network. WELCOME TO THE Z FAMILY     BSI: Innovative solutions for your laboratory. Biomedical Solutions Inc. expertise resides in molecular biology, cell biology and animal care facilities but their vast equipment catalog is also suitable for clinical and industrial labs. They specialize working with architects and lab planners on the construction of new and renovated laboratory space.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWINCORE It's been one year since its launch and over 1000 units sold. Innovation is a result. In this case, the result of listening to the needs of the costumers mixed with lots of hard work. We are still listening, so stay tuned for the amazing stuff we will be unveiling this year. Thanks for your support.  

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