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Independently Minded: Inferences, Assumptions

Independently Minded: Inferences, Assumptions Working either in Biorepositories, Pharma or Research labs, whatever your field of application may be, I can imagine that You’ve seen all sorts of interesting and unexpected “samples losses”... and heard all sorts of interesting excuses from manufacturers. I also can easily understand your anxiety and all the symptoms that may affect You, such as panic attack (include sweating), chest pain, palpitations (unusually strong or irregular heartbeats), and a feeling of choking… all these seriously interfering with your performances & daily tasks. For decades Scientists have relied on their cold-storage equipment to maintain the integrity and quality of samples… and they rely on manufacturer’s ability to protect them and their samples… For instance, the pharmaceutical industry has adopted REDUNDANT SYSTEMS for the cryo-conservation, a decade ago… but they still buy non Dual cooling Upright freezers??: PARADOX OF OUR SOCIETY OR THE INDUSTRY?  Let me explain:  For ultralow (-80C°) temperature storage, what we have heard in the last DECADE is that SAFETY matters above and beyond all else. We all know that failure of a cold-storage unit compromises samples. As a matter of fact in this industry ALL manufacturers hear from users “By far our biggest concern is sample safety, and by far the most common safety concern for ultralow freezers is compressor failure.” To truly understand our customers and their needs, we need to stop selling and start listening more. Talk to them & do something! In today’s world, it’s not easy to capture people’s attention when there’s so much content being created every day, all competing for the same eyeballs…. What have others done?? To answer this question, You first need to distinguish MARKETING vs. COMMUNICATION BASED STRATEGY: -Start by considering why a manufacturer has lowered their prices; Nuaire, Panasonic, Eppendorf, Thermo (before their TSX), Helmer or Haier did... and Ask yourself: is that because they will be launching a new value range because this is what the market wants or have they been forced to slash prices to try and boost dwindling sales? -Validate what can be called innovation: Patching old cascade system with some fancy new gases, modifying a condenser or improving insulation, may not be considered innovations? I've even seen one US manufacturer preaching sample security on white papers, without offering any ... - Then judge on what is left:  Oh Yeahhh! like drawing your attention to Energy savings… I agree 60$/ year makes a small difference, but when compared to 80,000$ average value of your freezer, that’s just sand thrown in your eyes! Yep...About Energy Saver ULTs: Remember that great idea you had? The idea for which you “could make millions”?.. Yes I’m talking about Piston engine systems or variable speed compressors!  They are of no value!  Innovation focuses on the process, utilizing tools like MIND or PROBLEM SOLVING.. in occurrence solving the sample security problem.    Whose manufacturer solved your problem?  NONE before Z-SC1! INNOVATORS are generally referred by the public as “crazy people who start a business.” We started in 1994! But honestly we innovated in 2012… that’s a long ride, and no pretensions, We did it solely on PASSION!  Innovation creates change, and this change can be outside the realm of entrepreneurship… in reality not dreamland, it took Z-SC1 almost 2 decades to create this truly revolutionary innovation: TWINCORE ULT. Sorry we should have been more bright!  A partial solution is still knowledge, even if it contains some mistakes, and can be improved on in the future. ... It's also important to be sensitive to problems… That’s what we've done, that’s what Z-SCI is ALL about!  Being unique means risking time, money, energy, and embarrassment. It means being willing to embrace ideas without the guarantee of success. Even if no one can force You to challenge yourself or the whole industry's conformity. In the end, it’s always a personal choice to engage or restrain... -be ­independent-minded in an industry of conformity and convention...  Jean Fallacara, CEO- Z-SC1 Corp. Follow Jean on LinkedIn. Follow Z-SC1 on LinkedIn. “Think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a fucking sharp knife to it.”  Banksy, Wall and Piece   

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