Monthly Archives: January 2016

Science And Beyond

SCIENCE AND BEYOND What we mean is that we actually care. Many times we have been asked about our tagline. Well, we never thought about it as such a thing. It was a natural description of our views and ways in business and life. We love science, we listen to our clients' demands and try to make better products. We want to keep on going and for this reason we need to sell and in order to sell we need happy customers. But we also have a life. And the nice thing is that there are many crossroads in both our personal and business lives. We thrive every time we see technological developments that will make the earth a better place. Because all the work is about having a better life, right? We love science. But we also love art, music, sports... and when these worlds merge we feel like everything makes sense. We are all about science, innovation, technology, low temperature equipment... but we are more than that. We are Z.  

Z-SC1 | Science and Beyond