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Montreal, November 25, 2015   The Board of Directors of Z-SC1 Group (the Company) announce that Carmichael Engineering and all subsidiaries have lost their Authorisation/accreditation to service, repair, perform preventative maintenance or calibrate Vaccine Refrigerators on behalf of the Company.   And consequently, Carmichael (All Locations) is no longer an approved & authorized service provider for any companies within the Z-SCI group. Carmichael and its representatives or technicians will no longer be authorized to perform any service work, respond to service calls related to, or repair or calibrate products manufactured or sold by Z-SC1, this applies to all products but not limited to VACCINE REFRIGERATORS, FREEZERS, PHARMA FRIDGE, LYOPHILIZER and ULT FREEZERS The Authorization to service has been voided and this cancellation applies to any products manufactured or sold by companies operating under the Z-SCI Group.   Initial agreement between parties was dated August-08, 2008, but not limited to, for vaccines refrigerators supplied and delivered under the contract # OSS-076419  issued by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care .       Jean Fallacara, President-C.E.O.   Z-SC1 Corp. Top 300 Companies QC 2015 / Palmarès des 300 plus grandes PME au Québec 2015

Good Intentions for Black Friday

It is definitely a paradox to have on the same weekend the Thanksgiving and the Black Friday celebrations. Actually, it goes all the way to ‘Cyber-Monday’. On the first, you are invited to be grateful for what you have. On the others you are encouraged to ‘get’ stuff. This paradox exists because we accept it. And there is nothing wrong if you decide to embrace both initiatives. We believe what makes the difference is the state of mind you are in when you decide to be grateful or when you decide to shop. First of all, we would like to say THANK YOU to all our customers, suppliers, partners, employees, friends and the whole community because we do what we do because of you. We cannot thank enough. For the Black Friday situation, we will be sharing interesting articles that talk about consumerism, consciousness and gratefulness. For those thinking about buying from us, we will offer Free Shipping on all orders today. We hope you enjoy this weekend. Have Fun! Z.


OUR RACE IS TO THE TOP   According to Québec's business magazine Les Affaires (The Business), Z-SC1 is ranked #282 in the biggest SMB 2015 in Québec. Check out the list here. This is the result of listening to our clients and continuously delivering. WE PRODUCE THE SAFEST ULT YET AND WE WILL KEEP IT UP. We would like to thank all of our community: partners, suppliers, service providers, competitors and of course, our amazing customers. Big Thanks, and see you at the top. Z

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