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THE 'SAVE THE SAMPLES' PLAN 1. BUILD THE SAFEST FREEZER EQUIPMENT IN THE MARKET 2. SPREAD THE WORD 3. GROW OUR 'TOP' DISTRIBUTION NETWORK We already checked the first two points. Our machines are as reliable as the winter in Canada and they're so good that the word has been spreading out of every laboratory, institution, hospital and repositories who have tried our gear. Now, we are very happy to announce that one of our favorite American distributors agreed to carry our products and will be joining this fine network. WELCOME TO THE Z FAMILY     BSI: Innovative solutions for your laboratory. Biomedical Solutions Inc. expertise resides in molecular biology, cell biology and animal care facilities but their vast equipment catalog is also suitable for clinical and industrial labs. They specialize working with architects and lab planners on the construction of new and renovated laboratory space.

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