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The ‘Cool’ Biotech Company in Canada

 Originality is a result, not a goal. What we actually do different from other companies is really simple: we listen. The products are the result of that simple exercise of paying attention to the users' feedback and really thinking how to make their experience more pleasant. This of course involves the scientific team which enters a creative process of their own. But not only them, but the whole company enters that creative process because their experience with clients and with the machines themselves nourish the engineering concepts. Then, the ball comes back from R&D to the Marketing department whose only task is to properly communicate the results. And then the whole process repeats at every level of the company. The other difference lays on the team. We are Z people. We fully understand a philosophy. This fact makes us independent and capable of solving issues without having to climb an endless bureaucratic  ladder. We are professionals at what we do and for that reason we are free, and free people are happy and that reflects on every inch of the company. Business Review Canada Magazine published and article on this month's issue entitled: Z-SC1 BIOMEDICAL - The 'cool' Biotech Company in Canada. This is a result. This is not only the way we feel, but how people look at us. We didn't plan it either, we just worked our way. We would like to thank Stephanie C. Ocano who wrote the article and Cedrick Adolphe who produced it. Un Gros Merci.


From the project Macro - Part II by Romuald Chaigneu During the month of February in Montreal, when you watch out the window, the prettier it looks, the colder it is. Today the sky is bluer than ever and the temperature outside is -23ºC that feels like -36ºC with the wind factor. We are not only used to extreme low temperatures, we are used to bring the nice and positive things out of them. We’re good at it. Today, we want to share with you these beautiful images by french photographer Romuald Chaigneau from his project “Macro” - A Cold Winter Morning. They show beautiful details of frozen nature on a cold winter morning. Macro Freezing photography: Our World is Beautiful! Just like us, he brought up something enjoyable out of a frozen environment. From the project Macro - Part II by Romuald Chaigneu  

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