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For many people in the west, a cycle is closing today. Other cultures closed it earlier and some will do in the future. The fact is that we all live within cycles and when they’re coming to an end, a feeling of gratitude and hope arises almost inevitably. On our side, we don’t feel like the cycle is closing yet. We still have surprises coming and when they are revealed we’ll jump into the new dimension of design and progress thinking. We have righted some wrongs already, but ‘amazing’ is yet to come. We’re not kidding, amazing isn’t just a nice word to use, it is the perfect adjective to describe it. We are pushing the industry’s limits once again. For now, we can only say thank you for all your support and wish you an amazing new cycle, if you’re starting a new one tomorrow.  


"Frost, filters and voltage are the main things to watch" this is the opening line of a very interesting article by Rachel Muenz, assistant editor, published in the current issue (Dec. 2014) of LAB MANAGER magazine. The article entitled Cold Storage, features some tips and points of view by director of product management at Panasonic Joe LaPorte and Z-SC1's CEO Jean Fallacara. Periodical maintenance is crucial for any lab machine. For this reason service is a key element when deciding what to buy. This article is very interesting and useful for both experts and juniors. You can read the magazine here. The article is on page 76-77. Connect with Jean Fallacara on Linked In here. He's always open to discussion, feedback and lately, compliments. Connect with Z-SC1 on Linked In and stay on the loop here. You can also read and/or download the article in PDF from here. Enjoy!  


WiZBox creates the Ability to Predict ULT Freezer's Failure. The most advanced,  proactive, fault management system is finally here. And it's included for free with every Twincore. Think about how many samples have been lost in the recent history of science (Harvard Brain) because of the lack of ability to predict failure before it happens. Getting samples sometimes is not an easy task, but they can be lost when changes of temperature occur without notice. To right this wrong, we present (or developed) the Twincore and its Proactive maintenance device WizBox: The safest ult in the market, capable of maintaining -82 even when one of its 2 compressors fail. But we didn't stop there. We designed, and of course included, the most advanced monitoring system for the TwinCore. We are able to watch its behavior 24/7 and prevent any malfunction. ULT MONITORING SYSTEM: The most advanced yet! This system includes an app that lets you monitor your freezer's behavior from the palm of your hand. And not only that, this app features settings control and alarm history to name a few. We came out with a video. Please check it out here. For more information on the WizBox, click here.

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