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Safest Ultra Low Temperature Freezer: New site

Designing and building the safest ultra low temperature freezer was not an easy task. But we did it by taking into consideration relevant 'hands-on' experts' opinions. We ended up creating an actual solution for an actual problem: specimens like precious DNA samples can't be lost because of technical failure. Therefore, we built an easy to use machine with an amazing interface that will let you manager your inventory without even opening the door. This piece of equipment won't fail, because even if it fails your samples will remain protected. Yes, you heard it right: in our safest ultra low temperature freezer, the Twincore, if one compressor fails, the other one is capable of maintaining -82 degrees C by itself indefinitely. We are happy to announce the creation and launch of the new dedicated space for our beloved Twincore, the safest ultra low temperature freezer yet. There's so much to say about it  from any angle that every researcher or  lab owner will find amazing and unique features. For this reason we created its own web space. In it you will find its features and links to more specific topics and technical sheets download. If you feel that something is missing we would appreciate that you let us know so we can improve. Please feel free to send a line if you have any question. We will reply shortly. You can access it from our website or following this link. If you want to share it with somebody but don't have the link at hand, simply tell them to click on safestult.com and they will be redirected. Keep it cool! Z.    

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