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New Technology v.s. Dinosaurian Technology

Originally posted by Z-SC1's CEO Jean Fallacara here. Jean is always open to discussion. Connect with him on Linked In here. Today, we have revolutionized our world with amazing technologies. We have reshaped the technology of the past's to make better products, offer more security and give peace of mind. The Stone Age is a broad prehistoric period during which stone was widely used to make implements with a sharp edge, at Z-SC1 we believe that cascade refrigeration systems is also a dinosaurian technology that some manufacturers just try to keep alive (or even reanimate) for obvious financial reason. Matter of fact, the cascade refrigeration technology poorly failed to offer security, and generated billions $ of losses over the last decades. Protection of valuable and oftentimes irreplaceable biospecimens is a critical factor for ensuring valid and reproducible pre-clinical drug development results. Too much damage to important specimens caused by malfunctioning equipment, too much continued vigilance to proper biological specimen storage is required. Due to the obvious divide set between cascade refrigeration and Dual Cooling single compressors, sometimes both generations are forced to meet which commonly results in conflicting ideologies of digital technology. The everyday regime of work life in Science is becoming more technologically advanced with improved computers in offices, more complicated machinery in industry etc. With technology moving so fast it is hard for some manufacturer to keep up. In fact, some things seem so strange to us that we immediately put them out of our minds as being completely wrong.... What the Scientific community think about this, how do you feel about Do you really believe that being Extremely paranoid about your samples inside ULT freezers shall be a justifiable reason You spreads samples across multiple freezers, as a hedge in case of failure.... I don't! ... in all these Research labs, biorepositories, Biobanks... What are You exactly expecting from US and from ALL manufacturers of ULT Freezers?. Definitely Not a sales speech... Only facts, and a simple thing: PEACE OF MINDfor the storage of their high-value samples!

TWINCORE ULT: Safest Ultra Low Temperature Freezer yet.

This is a 'one-pager' ad published in a magazine during August. We received various comments regarding the way we presented the information. It features the Pull-Up and Pull Down times as well as an energy efficiency graphics. TWINCORE ULT: Safest Ultra Low Temperature Freezer yet. Check the Twincore's page here. Here it is for you to enjoy.

DNA Evidence Testing: Jack the Ripper and Gregory Turner

Aaron Kosminski was identified as  Jack the Ripper by DNA evidence testing. Gregory Turner was bound for life in prison after an RCMP lab reported  a tiny amount of DNA on his gold ring from a murdered woman, but the lab was wrong. Is DNA evidence reliable? It definitely depends. One of the most difficult murder mysteries of all times is solved: the identity of Jack the Ripper. At least that's what an 'amateur sleuth' claims by presenting new DNA evidence from a shawl that was supposedly found at a crime scene 126 years ago. The piece of cloth had blood from the victim and semen from Jack. The investigation was held by Dr Jari Louhelainen in the UK. You can read different versions of this story: Mail Online, Smithsonian Mag. Mr. Turner was convicted to life in prison but he was very lucky to have Mr. Jerome Kennedy as a lawyer: "A lucky hunch by Mr. Kennedy - now Newfoundland's Minister of Health - saved Mr. Turner from a life behind bars. He sought the name and DNA profile of every technician who had worked at the RCMP lab. It turned out that the technician who had tested the ring had also been working on the victim's fingernails a few inches away, creating a strong possibility of contamination." The tester had accidentally contaminated samples in other cases too. Mr. Turner's spent 27 months in jail. Read his story here from The Globe and Mail. DNA evidence depends on many factors but its manipulation and environment may risk its stability. We are no experts in crime scene investigation. If you want to learn a bit about Collection and Preservation of Blood Evidence from Crime Scenes, click here. If you want interesting technology, science and art content, come back soon! Check out this video about the DNA investigation that led to Ripper's identity.  

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