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Artistic Images Made With Science Technology

Or are they plain scientific images? Definitely not plain. What would art be if not strongly paired with science? They are always catching with each other and providing us with stunning content. Technology is always helping scientist and artists push their boundaries. This time, we would like to present a couple of images (videos) made with confocal microscopy. Any resemblance with video art is pure coincidence. The first, a beautiful video showing the metaphase, probably the most recognizable phase of mitosis, thanks to the technology advances provided this time by Nikon. This images were made with a C1si/TE2000 laser scanning confocal microscopy and belong to Nikon's MicroscopyU. MITOSIS MICROSCOPIC VIDEO The second is a video animation created with a LEICA LAS AF 3 3D by Dr. Masahiro Fukuda, Prof. Haruo Kasai, Center for Disease Biology and Integrative Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan: excitatory pyramidal neurons in Layer 5 partly express EYFP. Watch it here. Amazing products are there for people to thrive and created by companies that can understand those people.    

FROZEN: U.S. & CANADA – New Ultra Low Freezer Technology.

Z-SC1 invests $1.2M for the launch of its ULT Twincore Freezer.

Z-SC1 invests $1.2M for the launch of its revolutionary Twincore ULT Freezer in the US and Canada Market. Z-SC1 Corp announces today that it has secured new funding totaling $1.2M. The funding has been provided by a consortium of Share Holders, Investissement Québec & the bank Desjardins Affaires with insurance support from Export Development Canada. This new capital will be used by Z-SC1 in Marketing & Sales support to launch its revolutionary TWINCORE -86ºC ULT Freezer in North America. TwinCore© ultra-low freezers are designed for -86°C storage of high-value samples. Revolutionary Double Independent refrigeration systems offering unbeatable security and outstanding Integrity for your samples. TwinCore© Technology employs 2 optimized autocascade compressors. However it only requires one compressor to hold temperature up to -86. These ULT also have an advanced 7’’ LCD touch screen control panel, inventory management system and each unit is assigned an IP address for monitoring functions by the Z-Sc1 WIZBOX network. The TWINCORE can preserve integrity for research samples for almost 12H (world record) and has the fastest pull down in the industry, TwinCore ULT only requires about 3H to reach -82ºC. Z-SC1 Corp. is a Canadian-based international company with a successful record of developing laboratory equipment for the biomedical in North & South America. Z-SC1 is headquartered in Montreal, Canada with manufacturing bases in South-Korea   DESJARDINS AFFAIRES EXPORT DEVELOPMENT CANADA   INVESTISSEMENT QUEBEC

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